Painting is an universe withhout borders for me, because i can make my wings spring and fly where ever i want.

Silke Host

She was born in Germany, is a trained decorator and lives with her family in Eckbolsheim (France) since 1998, where she also has her studio. Since school she has been dedicated to painting and creative design.  At first, she was intensively occupied with pencil and charcoal pencil painting and drew nude motifs on paper as well as on canvas.

Then Silke began to experiment with acrylic ….

Since 2016 she mainly paints large canvases and uses the various techniques of acrylic painting. She creates unusual works of art, three-dimensional on canvas. From time to time she completes her unique pieces with one or more hummingbirds. She is fascinated by this bird species, with its remarkable colors. He is the symbol of the sun and love. The hummingbird stands for joy of life, grace and harmony. It is a symbol for the beauty and fullness of life. And that it’s exactly what Silke associates with painting.

What does painting mean to Silke ….

For her, painting means first and foremost freedom. Silke likes to paint in the evening because she has the perfect peace there. Through painting she can detach herself from everyday life, hide the hustle and bustle and find peace…. She feels safe and happy in her own little world.

It motivates Silke ….

“There are painters who transform the sun to a yellow spot, but there are others who with the help of their art and their intelligence, transform a yellow spot into sun.” Pablo Picasso