“A sunflower fiels is like a sky with thausand suns”.

Acrylic painting with a brush. A black beauty with sunflower headdress.
Originally, the sunflower comes from Central America, Peru and Mexico. In its homeland, it was considered a symbol of the sun god and his masculine power. Its appearance has something majestic about it: its pithy stem grows up to 5m high! Symbolically, it strengthens the backbone in a physical and figurative sense and helps all those who need more assertiveness. In its clarity, it stands for mature individuality, for personal power and strong charisma. Among the Aztecs, the priestesses wore crowns made of sunflowers; they were considered a symbol of fertility, health and wisdom.

A firework of colours. I can never really predict where the paint will actually fall on the canvas. My painting is partly based on chance. The end result is always something I could never have foreseen.

Avril 2020

Acrylic on Canvas

65 x 100 x 2 cm

25,6 x 39,3 x 0,79 inch

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